PARTICIPOLOGY is a resource that can help you engage people in a participative process leading to a plan or strategy. Using a board-game format, it’s a resource that comes with guidance and templates that you can tailor to your needs.

A Flexible Resource

PARTICIPOLOGY is flexible, giving you the freedom to fine tune it for your needs, use it to gather knowledge and evaluate what that means for your project.

Download or design your own board

Tailor questions to your setting

Business use

Community planning

Playing with politicians

Discussing the environment

An educational tool


Select/Design your own board game to address your specific engagement needs.

Landscapes and Boards

Select pre-designed landscapes with question grids, or create your own bespoke boards that represent your real geographical context.

Questions and Scenarios

Use/adapt pre-loaded questions and scenarios that others have used before, or create your own questions based on scenarios, challenges and opportunities that relate to your situation.


Select roles for your participants from our range of roleplay character profiles based on real people.

Case Studies

Find out how others have used PARTICIPOLOGY and the various games played within it such as RUFopoly and Plainsopoly; their experiences and lessons learnt.

Getting Started

To get the most from using PARTICIPOLOGY:

Read the good practice participatory principles; PARTICIPOLOGY is not an end in itself

Plan it well: poorly planned exercises may do more harm than good

Read the guidance and case studies and understand how the exercise might work for you

Agree the outcomes you want and how you’ll measure them

Select or design your game board, question sets and roles

Decide whether you need a trained facilitator or can supply your own

Decide what information to capture and how the discussions and outcomes will be recorded

Set a date, select and invite your participants

Play your game

Record your findings and evaluate the experience

Submit your evaluation to the PARTICIPOLOGY website